Rules for Submission

Each weekly entry winner earns a free hour of game time!

  • Art work must be 100% your own. You can not trace, edit, or heavily reference any digital or traditional art that is not your own and submit it.

  • Art work should pertain to video games only.

  • Our current submission limit is one per week.

  • Artwork that violates any copyright laws will NOT be shared.

  • All artwork must be family friendly. We will not share anything vulgar, pornographic, or anything in-between. Keep it PG folks.

  • Please provide a link to a high quality, upload of your work that we can link to in order to credit!

    • File type: JPG, PNG

    • Quality: As high resolution as possible

    • Email: Send you artwork to

  • We would like to credit all artists, however, if you do not wish to be known please make this request very clear at submission. We will credit first name, last name, school, or hometown. Please indicate what information you’d like us to share/not share. We will NEVER share any personal information with any other service.

The owners of Crit Hit Gaming reserve the right to share or not share submissions. But as long as you follow the guidelines, we’ll probably, maybe share it.