Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crit Hit Gaming?

  • Crit Hit Gaming is North Canton’s premier video gaming LAN Center. Basically, we have high-end gaming computers, and a bunch of video games. Come log in and game on!

How old do I have to be to game at Crit Hit Gaming?

  • We welcome gamers of all ages! However, not all video games are suitable for all ages. Please visit the ESRB Ratings website if you have additional questions regarding the content of a video game. That being said.. Guests 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. After 11:00 P.M., guests 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Don’t forget, we are located in Jackson Township which has a curfew for those under the age of 18.

Can I bring my own accessories?

  • Absolutely! Just be aware that anything requiring special drivers will take more time to implement.

Can I use my own logins on games?

  • Absolutely! If you have your own Steam/Epic/Blizzard Account you can definitely use them to log into your account and play under your profile. However, we also have loads of center accounts for customers who haven’t purchased that game.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

  • Yes. We ask that you limit the food at your station to packaged snacks and bottled liquids. We have a lounge area and snack counter for larger meals and non-bottled drinks. We also sell a nice variety of quick snacks, sodas, and beverages.

What VR equipment do you have?

  • We are currently looking into implementing either the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. If you have a preference, feel free to email us at

What gaming consoles do you have?

  • Currently we offer are two Nintendo NES Classics and one Switch. The NES Classics are available in our Retro Gaming Lounge Area at no additional cost to you. A great way to pass the time as you wait for friends to arrive, wait for a battle station to become available, OR to be magically whisked away to 1985. To rent the Switch, ask at the front desk. You can bring your own Switch games too. We also offer Couch Co-Op, just bring in your own console and we’ll hook you up. Please visit our Rates page for all the details.

I like this game, but you don’t seem to have it. What gives?

  • If you don’t see a game on our current gaming list, just let us know. We may not be able to download it the same day. But adding games to our roster is relatively easy. Drop us a email with your suggestion: or fill out our easy form on the Contact Us page.

Do you have WiFi?

  • Yes. We do offer free WiFi for our customers. Please ask us for the password as it changes frequently.

Does Jackson Township really have a curfew?

  • Yes. Yes it does. As of 1996, kids 17 and under cannot be out past 11:00 P.M. on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The same age group cannot be out past midnight on Friday or Saturday. Please visit the Jackson Township website for more information.

I’m into streaming on Twitch, Mixer, and/or YouTube Live, can I stream at Crit Hit Gaming?

  • Absolutely! We have a private booth set up to stream specifically on all the major platforms. Visit our Rates page for all the details.

Do I need to make reservations?

  • Reservations are required for the Streaming Booth and for the Practice Room. All other battles stations are on a first come first serve basis. Give us a call 330-880-5030 to make reservations OR drop us an email: OR fill out a reservation form online.

Can I drop my kids off and leave?

  • Kids 12 and under must always be accompanied by an adult. Unaccompanied teenagers (13-17) must have their parent or guardian complete and turn in a Crit Hit Gaming Release Form prior to gaming.

Do you have any special offers?

  • Stay tuned-in to our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and Twitch pages for all special offers!

Crit Hit Gaming is super cool, are you hiring?

  • At this time we are fully staffed. Thank you for your interest. Drop us an email with your current resume and we’ll keep you in mind.

We’d like to rent the whole space for an event, how do we do that?

  • That’s awesome! Drop us an email at or give us a call at 330-880-5030.

Do you have gift certificates?

  • We don’t have anything fancy, but if you’d like to give the gift of game time we are happy to work something out.

Where are you located?

Can I bring my own games?

  • All of our computers have games loaded and ready to go. If you don’t see a game on our list that you’d like to play please drop us an email:

What do you do with my information?

  • Any personal information you give us at account creation is stored on GGLeap’s secure servers. This information is never given out or sold to anyone. It is only retained for account recovery.

What is GGLeap?

  • GGLeap is the management software we use for our computers. Once you make an account at our center you can track your in-game stats at

Tell me about your Practice Room?

  • The Practice Room is a private room at Crit Hit Gaming equipped with six battle stations. This room is great for small private events, Esports practices, and team building exercises. Give us a call, 330-880-5030 to make a reservation OR drop us an email: OR fill out our online reservation form. Visit our Rates page for pricing.

Do I have to be a hard-core gamer?

  • Absolutely not! We encourage gamers of all levels to stop by, log in, and game on!

Still have a questions?