Hourly rates


$6.00 for 1 hour

$10.00 for 2 hours

$18.00 for 4 hours

$24.00 for 6 hours

All hours good for 180 days.

All Day Rates

$24.00 Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

$30.00 Friday

$35.00 Saturday

$18.00 Sunday

Hours purchased at ALL DAY rates expire at closing.


Practice room includes six full battle stations.

$30.00 for 1 hour

$55.00 for 2 hours

$25.00 for each additional hour


rewards program

Did you know that when you play your favorite video games at CHG, you are automatically entered in our Loyalty Program? That's right, for every minute you play Fortnite, Call of Duty, CS:GO, and more you'll receive one virtual coin. Those coins are redeemable for FREE game time, snack bar items, and CHG Merchandise. In addition to this awesomeness, gamers who play Fortnite, League of Legends, and DOTA 2 receive up to 40 extra bonus coins per hour that you play.

You can redeem your coins at the front desk, or at your battle station.

You can mix and match how you spend your coins. Example: Gamer XYZ has 2400 coins. They could redeem their coins for two hours of free game time and $6.00 at the snack bar OR one free CHG T-shirt OR three hours of free game time.

2400 coins= one free CHG T-shirt
800 coins= one free hour of game time
400 coins= $3.00 of snack bar items


Summer All Day Rates!

These rates are only good Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Nintendo Switch

Includes console, two wired controllers, one set of joy-cons, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and a Game Cube controller adapter.

$6.00 for 2 hours*

$2.50 for each additional hour

*two hour minimum rental

Couch co-op

Bring in your own console(X-Box, PlayStation, Switch, etc.), games, controllers and we’ll hook you up! We have two 50 inch flat screen televisions and two big comfy sofas. Plus, free WiFi.

$6.00 for 2 hours*

$2.50 for each additional hour

*two hour minimum